Booking Enquiry

Please email us at to book a table. Or text/WhatsApp 07703 412002. The landline phone 0161 832 8848 will only be manned when the restaurant opens at 5pm. Please note if we don’t answer the phones it’s because we are busy so feel free to pop in to the restaurant for a table or takeaway.

Please note our food is freshly made and for parties over 4 ordering different dishes they will be served when ready as we only have 3 woks cooking at the same time. We’d welcome and encourage the table to share the dishes – family style – so you can try a bit of everything and you’re not waiting just for your dish.

Please note when you order a gluten free aromatic crispy duck it will be served with gluten free hoisin sauce and lettuce wraps only. We will not be able to add on pancakes or mainstream hoisin sauce as we cannot be responsible for gluten intolerant diners eating the non gluten free items accidentally. We’d recommend the entire table order gluten free if you plan to share the duck. Or if your table wants those gluten containing items please order an aromatic crispy duck from the main menu.

For Saturdays we have two sittings. The early sitting is 5pm, 5.30pm or 6pm. The late sitting is 8.30pm. Please choose one of those times only. The tables for early sitting need to be vacated by 8pm.

State your:

  • Date
  • Time (between 5pm and last sitting at 8.30pm – but if it is a booking on Saturday choose the above times for Early or Late Sitting only)
  • Number of guests
  • Dietary Requirements (we can cater for Coeliacs (gluten free), vegan diet). However we cannot unfortunately cater for anyone who has a nut allergy as there are traces of nuts in the ingredients.

Please note we do not open on Mondays or lunchtimes.