05th May 2019

Gluten free Chinese

Always get such a buzz cleaning down our deep fat fryers. We have invested in two sets of deep fat fryers. One for the main menu and the other is the gluten free fryer (pictured) and is ONLY for gluten free menu items so there is no issue of cross contamination. If you cook gluten free items in a deep fat fryer which has gluten products eg breadcrumbs this will cross contaminate the gluten free items. So we are prepared to invest and want to show and tell our wonderful customers that we understand about cross contamination and how we do our utmost to prevent cross contamination – ie two separate fryers. Also the gluten free and gluten fryers are not side by side. Actually the gluten fryer is on the left hand side of the kitchen. The gluten free fryer is on the opposite and right hand side of the kitchen. They each have their own baskets and utensils and do not cross the line. This reduces the chance of human error. We also store the gluten items in a different fridge from the gluten free items. All staff front and in kitchen are trained. The main sauces are made in our kitchen so we know what they contain as sauces usually do have traces of wheat to thicken. We also replace soya sauce which has gluten with tamari. I’ve been hard at it cleaning the gluten free fryer. We spend a good few hours draining the oil, scraping off the sediments, gently polishing the sides, soak and clean the fryer and then drying and polishing the stainless steel. Not only is it very therapeutic but I can say hand on heart my gluten free customers are very safe dining at Sweet Mandarin. Your safety is our utmost importance and it is my pleasure to ensure your gluten free Chinese is delicious and safe to enjoy. To view our extensive gluten free menu please go to our website www.sweetmandarin.com #glutenfree #coeliac #coeliacfriendly #glutenfreemanchester #chinese