27th Feburary 2019

Ginger is a beautiful ingredient.

Ginger is a beautiful ingredient that is used in abundance in Chinese cooking. It adds a punch and has healing properties (if you have a cold eat lots of it or if you have bloating it is a Godsend). Ginger is used at Sweet Mandarin for ginger tea, ginger ale bases for our cocktails, in our dishes and pairs beautifully with our fish of the day (ginger has magical qualities in bringing out the delicate flavours of the fish but takes away the fishy odour). Our grandmother used to go fishing with her father when she was a child and fondly remembers how she used to ride to the lake on the back of his bicycle – no one had cars in those days. When they arrived back home, the fish would still be jumping and gasping for air; they were that fresh. In China it is traditional to serve fish with the head and tail on, as a symbol of abundance – however, we’re in Manchester, so we’ll do as the Romans do and will fillet the fish. Served with ginger, spring onions and a splash of soya sauce or tamari (if you are following a gluten free diet).